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  • How many panels do I install?

    It will depend on several factors, the main ones will be the size of your roof and the energy consumption of your home. A flat with 2-4 occupants can generally cover its energy consumption with the installation of 6-8 plates.

  • If I produce more than I consume, do I give it away to the electric companies? At what price do I sell the surplus?

    Your electric company will compensate you for the energy you generate and do not consume for your surplus. There are marketers in the free market with different energy purchase/sale offers or you can also sell it at market price through a PVPC rate. At the end of the month, the energy you have poured into the network will be deducted from your electricity bill.

  • Is it possible to reduce the fixed costs of my bill with the installation of photovoltaic?

    Yes, it is possible, fundamentally by reducing the power terms in the hours when you are generating energy through your photovoltaic installation. We advise you on how to reduce the fixed terms of your electricity bill.

  • Do I have access to any help for installing photovoltaics?

    Basically there are two types of local and state aid, the local ones are related to the IBI of your home where depending on your town hall you can reduce it by up to 50% or the ICIO or building permit, where you can reduce up to by 95%. Regarding the state ones as of June 30, 2021, there are subsidies for the installation of photovoltaic from 600 to 900 euros per KWp installed, up to 40% of the cost of the installation or in case of having storage of up to 60 % on the cost of the battery.

  • Am I going to have problems on the roof, humidity or leaks?

    There are usually no problems in this regard, in any case our installations are guaranteed for a period of two years from the date of installation. If you have problems with your roof derived from the photovoltaic installation, we will solve it for you.

  • Can I share the surplus instead of pouring it into the network with my neighbor?

    It is possible to do it through collective self-consumption, to do so a quota will be defined for the neighbors who will participate and the energy will be distributed based on these quotas, in case there are surpluses they will also be compensated based on quotas.

  • What maintenance does it have, do I have additional expenses after the installation?

    Depending on the rainfall in the area where the photovoltaic is installed, it will be necessary to carry out one or two annual cleanings. On the other hand, it is interesting once every two years to check the wiring and 1chot spots 1d that may occur in the generating field. But don’t worry, at Solarama we will offer you a maintenance service that fits your needs.

  • Should I install a battery in addition to the solar panels?

    With the falling cost of batteries falling and the subsidies that are currently in place, installing a battery may be a good option to consider.

    The solar energy charged to the battery will be self-consumed at some point, which means more protection against high energy prices and their variations.

  • What permits do I need to apply for?

    At Solarama we take care of making all the necessary inquiries and requesting all the necessary permits to carry out your solar PV installation, including the application for subsidies.

    For a home solar installation, most municipalities do not require a building permit prior to installation. Instead, a notification is sufficient. Following installation, the system must be registered by a licensed installer. Following this registration and full payment, it is then possible to apply for applicable government subsidies.

  • How long is the payback period of my rooftop solar installation?

    The payback period of a typical installation will be around 6-8 years. This varies according to a number of case-by-case specifics, which we take into account when assessing each installation.

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